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Hello and welcome to Kits&Things – Classifieds for scale modelers

Kits&Things started on September 29th, 2013.

What is it all about:

Kits&Things came up as a result of long time research and of course, a group of IT professionals who brought ideas to life. Kits&Things is intended to be one place for scale models from all around the globe to sell, buy, swap, trade… anything scale modeling related, even to place links to their eBay listings, forum sale or wanted list etc. It doesn’t have to be a classic “for sale” or “wanted” format, you can simply place an ad to advertise your garage kit sale, IPMS show sale and so on. Important thing is, IT’S FREE FOR ALL!!!

Placing an ad on Kits&Things is extremely easy, quick, convenient and FREE. All you need is to register for an account on the website which takes some 60 seconds of your time.
When placing an ad, you can define a few different parameters as: Title, Description, Duration, Ship to, Item Location, Returns Accepted, Category… as well as custom listing options. Also, you can add up to 20 photos to you listing should you need/want it.
You can always edit your ad, add more or remove images and eventually you can Close/Delete your ad once you sold your item.
Another nice thing on Kits&Things is Buyer/Seller review system, once you complete your trade, both buyer and seller can leave a review (feedback) to each other which is then displayed on User’s profile page visible to everyone.

Kits&Things is NOT a webshop! There are NO “Buy” or “Add to cart” options, its simply just a place where you can let other people know of the stuff you want to sell, trade, buy, swap…
Once you find an item you want, you would simply use a form on item page to contact seller and you two take it from there. Trading arrangements can be made via email, phone, meet in person etc.
Once again, Kits&Things Classifieds website is FREE to use for EVERYONE, no matter if you selling or buying or whatever!
No hidden or any other charges, all you need is to register an account to be able to trade/post ads.

Not just it’s FREE but WILL ALWAYS BE FREE!

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Happy trading!

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