F.A.Q. – Please Read

Please find answers bellow for some of the most asked questions about Kits&Things

Q.: How safe is all this trading on a new and and still unknown website like K&T?
A.: Trading on K&T is as safe as on any other place on internet as long as you follow some rules and common sense. We recommend using PayPal for all transactions as that way you are fully covered and protected from any sort of fraud. If you find an interesting ad and you arrange the trade with whoever posted that ad, if you pay by PayPal and your order doesn’t arrive in a reasonable time-frame you will file a dispute and PayPal will take care of the rest. Either you get your item or your money back, as easy as that. For more info please read about buyer/seller protection HERE

Q.: It says that everything is FREE on K&T? Are there any small letter hidden charges?
A.: YES, everything IS FREE on K&T, posting ads, selling, swapping… There are absolutely NO hidden fees of any sort. Period!

Q.: I’ve seen this before, something starts off as being free and then at some point they start charging for every little thing…
A.: K&T classifieds will ALWAYS BE FREE, for as long as the website itself exists! We have not made K&T with profit in mind, it may sound strange but it is true, like it or not!

Q.: If everything is FREE on K&T and there will be no charges at all how would it support itself?
A.: K&T website is a result of passion and love for our hobby. As owners of several IT companies, we are not doing this for living but for fun! K&T is made by modelers for fellow modelers.

Q.: What if K&T grows beyond a point that it can no longer be free?
A.: In that case we would find sponsors to advertise on K&T for a small fee that will cover any excessive expenses. Once more, we will never ever charge for posting ads!

Q.: How much time does it take to post an ad/listing?
A.: Posting and ad or listing an item takes a minute or two, its easy, user friendly and convenient. For more details please click HERE

Q.: Why do i need to register an account on K&T in order tho do anything?
A.: Registering an account is simple, quick (takes only 30 seconds) and FREE. User account is as a measure to prevent bots and spammers from flooding other users with emails and messages as well as from posting nonsense ads.

Q.: I have a whole lot of things for sale but i don’t want or don’t have the time to list them all one by one…
A.: Simply post one ad with entire list in it! You can have multiple items/lists per one ad, something for sale, something you are looking for…

Q.: I have a list of things for sale or ‘wanted’ list on one of the forums out there , can i just post an ad and link to my forum post to let people know about my forum sale/wanted list?
A.: YES, of course. K&T is not about forcing people to list items one by one here but rather to help people find what they are looking for and to sell what they don’t need anymore, by all means!

Q.: I am a kit/detail set/decal… manufacturer, can i post my new products as ads here on K&T and place a link to my homepage or web-shop.
A.: As with the previous question, as long as something is scale modeling related you can advertise it here on K&T! In this case, you will have to do so trough ads. For example, you have just released a new decal sheet… Simply place an ad with desired info and photos and let people know about your new product. It IS OK to place a link to you web shop and/or any other page that relates to the ad you’ve placed.

Q.: Can i advertise my web page trough ads even though it’s not related to any actual modeling products?
A.: This was not the idea of K&T but rather advertising things for trade.

Q.: Can i spread the word about K&T website?
A.: YES, of course!

Q.: What happens when someone contacts me via K&T website by using “Contact AD Owner form?
A.: You will receive email instantly with the message from user who contacted you. In this email, you will be able to see user name and email of the person who contacted you. From this point you can continue conversation via email or any other way.

Q.: What does WISHLIST do?
A.: As the name suggest, you can add items to your wishlist for later viewing and trade considering. You can remove item/items from your wishlist anytime!

Q.: Can i have a WISHLIST if i am not registered user on K&T website?
A.: YES, of course! In this case, wishlist uses your browser’s cookies to store your wishlist to. If you clear your browser’s cookies, your wishlist will be gone as well.

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